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What is ‘The Good Life’?

‘The Good Life’ is
everyone’s stated
ambition. It’s…

  1. Being able to relax; a time without stress or anxiety
  2. Being with people you love; friends and family
  3. Being able to have time to remember one’s values and what’s important to you in life
  4. Being childlike again; being surprised, learning the new and exploring the different

Ultimately it’s about happiness, wellness and doing something new rather than having ‘things’

Happiness is more important than success
Being well is more important than being wealthy
Having experiences is more important than having products
Doing something new is more important than staying in our comfort zone
Trips where you have new experiences are more important than those where you see all the sights

Few of our daily experiences and so called ‘pleasures’ deliver
‘The Good Life’

They provide short term deviations from the daily grind of life or transient dopamine to trick the brain into believing we are happy.

93% of people say that travel has traditionally given them distance from their day to day life and granted people the time and space they need to stop, switch off and reflect

By removing themselves from their daily stresses , while experiencing how other cultures live, people are able to gain a sense of what’s important

More than half of people think travel is enjoyable but stressful

Travel has become…
stressful to plan

The main causes of stress and lack of excitement before embarking on a trip are:

50% time and research needed

39% pressures of social media

Travel has become…

61% of people agree that being in places with large crowds is a negative aspect of travel

66% of people have experienced this during their last trip

Travel has become…
a common tourist trail

37% of people feel that they did not see any ‘real’ culture on their last trip

49% of people who said they did see ‘real’ culture on their last trip also felt these ‘real’ experiences were not unique

Travel has become…
an overwhelming checklist of things to do

47% of people (close to half) admit to feeling guilty when they haven’t seen all the sites

Travel has become…
a way to brag on social media

53% of people feel pressure to upload pictures to social media

47% of people agree that these days, people are missing the special ‘moments’ by instagramming their trip

Travel has become…
no different to being at home

63% check the news

57% check social media

51% stay on top of emails

But we can still enjoy travel if we do it right.

Good travel experiences are when people…

Seek out sights others don’t

11% less likely to see the sights everyone else sees and more likely to think the sights they see match up to expectations

Switch off and relax

20% more likely to experience true relaxation

15% to truly switch off

11% more likely to totally switch off

9% less likely to feel connected to work

5% less likely to feel pressure to upload to social media

Make a real connection with local culture

19% more likely to get off the beaten track

17% more likely to do something truly local

18% more likely to connect with local people

12% more likely to take time to explore

Travel at its best is…

The joy you experience

The perspective you gain

The adventure you embark on

That moment of calm

When we don’t have to worry about logistics, taking care of everything or the stress of missing out, we can sit back and relax

When we get to spend time with local people, doing authentic things, then we seem to learn something about ourselves

It’s time to travel differently

Our Story

We are Trafalgar, the world’s leading and most award-winning travel brand spanning all seven continents of the globe.

From our humble beginnings under our parent company, The Travel Corporation, we now boast 302 trips and a collection of local experiences that are exclusive to us. From viewing the icons, unlocking the Hidden Gems of our Travel Directors and Local Specialists and breaking bread with locals at our exclusive Be My Guest experiences, you’ll go beyond the ‘ready-made’ facade that everyone else sees.

We consider how we can positively impact the communities we engage with. Through our
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