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Autumn harvests, long late-summer days and a renewed energy and vitality as locals return from their holiday escapades, the allure of Italy in September is clear. Just when you think summer is winding down, things on this Mediterranean peninsula are just heating up, making this the perfect place to visit and squeeze a last few days out of your summer holidays. 

We sat down with four of Trafalgar’s Travel Directors — Marisa, Gianmarco, Patrizia and Sasha — to find out exactly what makes this month so special and why September the best time to visit Italy.

Summer Vibes Without the Crowds

“After the busy summer months, there is a certain calmness in the air and nature is looking beautiful. Days are still warm, lemon fragrance is lingering in the air, and beaches are almost empty and perfect for strolling and dipping your toes into the Mediterranean.” – Marisa

Amalfi Coast, captured by Travel Director Sasha: @sasha_trafalgar

The Perfect Time for People Watching and Enjoying True Italian Hospitality

“When in Florence in autumn, I love having my morning coffee at one the piazzas and watching the locals going out and about with their daily activities.” –  Marisa

Burano, Venice, captured by Travel Director Debra: @debratrafalgar

The Return of the Locals Means the Start of Local Festival Season

“Events are everywhere, from the International Film Festival and the Historical Regatta in Venice and the amazing Art Biennale which opens the door to countless Venetian Palazzos normally closed to the public, to Juliet’s Birthday parade in Verona to harvest festivals everywhere in the country!” – Gianmarco

Flag throwers at a local festival in Florence, captured by Travel Director Sasha: @sasha_trafalgar

And, Don’t Forget the Harvest Festivals and Fully Stocked Market Stalls Featuring Seasonal Delights

“September is perhaps the best month to come to Italy, especially the South and especially to my beloved Sicily. And if you come, make sure you are not on a diet! 

From the Pistachio Festival and Harvest Festival in the towns near Mount Etna, to the Street Food Festival in Cefalu and the Sherbeth Festival in Palermo for lovers of all things ice cream! With our Southern Italy & Sicily trip finishing in Palermo, you can stay a few more days and enjoy the Couscous Fest in nearby San Vito Lo Capo… And of course, it’s always a good time to eat some delicious cannoli!” – Gianmarco

Fresh tomatoes in local Italian market, captured by Travel Director Marisa: @marisa_lukovich

“In September, I love going to markets and trying the different kinds of grapes and plums as this is their season. The weather is cooler, and I enjoy the fresh breeze browsing through the stalls.” – Patrizia

Produce stall outside local shop, Bologna, captured by Travel Director Sasha: @sasha_trafalgar

“September is the picking season, and everywhere you go you see workers in the fields picking the grapes. It’s like living in a movie: rolling hills, stone cottages and vines filled with people and baskets.” – Patrizia

Villa Machiavelli, Tuscany, captured by Travel Director Sasha: @sasha_trafalgar

Mother Nature is at Her Finest When Summer Turns Into Autumn

“The Tuscan countryside is exceptionally scenic in autumn, with grape vines bursting full of ripe grapes ready to be harvested. If I have opportunity, I love walking through a vineyard and picking a few grapes, they taste so good!” – Marisa


Vernaccia vineyards outside San Gimignano, Tuscany, captured by Travel Director Marisa: @marisa_lukovich

“I love observing the vineyards in Tuscany. The colours changing from yellow to red is completely mesmerising” – Sasha 

Tuscan vineyards, captured by Travel Director Sasha: @sasha_trafalgar

“[The Lake District] is always stunning but autumn is special, the nature around them is so beautiful. After the first autumn rains, nature is looking replenished after the hot summers. If I happen to be there on my trips, I love walking along the lake shores and enjoying the sunsets over the Italian Alps. It’s breathtaking.” – Marissa

Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore, captured by Travel Director Patrizia: @patrizia_trafalgar

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