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While many European citizens have a great command of English, it’s a smart idea to have some useful phrases in your linguistic arsenal before you travel. Whether greeting locals, out and about shopping or ordering in restaurants, learn the basics with these useful phrases so you can converse with ease when travelling in Europe.


Useful phrases RS1677_VENICE_Venice_181014_2231300513 557-scr REDIT TrafalgarHello (and bye) “Ciao” (chow)

Please “Per favour” (per fav-ore-ay)

Thank you Grazie” (grah-tsee)

Do you speak English? “Parli Inglese?” (par-lee In-glay-zee?)

May I have a cappuccino please? “Posso avere un cappuccino per favour?” (posso av-air un cappuccino per fah-vor)

Do you have a menu in English? “Avete un menu in Inglese?” (av-etay un menu in Eng-lay-see)

We’ll visit Venice tomorrow “Domani visitiamo Venezia.” (Doh-mah-nee visi-tee-ah-mo Ven-etz-ear)

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Put your language skills to the test on our European trips.



Useful phrases RS1163_AIX_BREAKFAST_AeP_BREAKFAST-077-scr REDIT TrafalgarHello Bonjour” (bon-zhour)

Goodbye Au revoir” (aw-rev-wah)

Please “S’il vous plaît” (see-voo-play)

Thank you Merci” (mair-see)

Do you speak English? “Parlez-vous Anglais?” (par-lay-vous On-glay?)

How much is it? “Combien est-il?” (kom-byan es-eel)

May I have the bill please? “L’addition, s’il vous plaît.” (lah-dee-seeon-see-voo-play)

What’s the weather going to be like today? “Quel temps va-t-il faire aujourd’hui?” (kel tom vartil fair aw-zhour-dwee)

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Useful phrases RS19186_170805_Trafalgar_1576-scr REDIT TrafalgarHelloHola” (oh-lah)

Goodbye “Adiós” (add-ee-yos)

Please “Por favour” (pour fav-ore)

Thank you “Gracias” (grah-cee-ahs)

Do you speak English? “¿Habla usted Inglés?” (ah-blah oos-tehd een-glehs)

Could I order paella with a jug of sangria please? “¿Podría pedir la paella con una jarra de sangría, por favor?”  (pod-ree-ah ped-ear la pie-ay-ah con una jarrah de san-gree-ah por fah-vor?)

Where is the restroom? “¿Dónde está el baño?” (dohn-dheh ehs-tah el ban-yo?)

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Useful phrases RS896_MUNICH_Capture_63A6197-scrHello Hallo” (ah-low)

Goodbye “Auf Wiedersehen” (owf veeder-sain)

Please “Bitte” (bitter)

Thank you “Danke” (danker)

Do you speak English? “Sprichst du Englisch?” (sprik-st du Enn-glish?)

May I pay with credit card? “Darf ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlen?” (darf ick mit credit-karter betz-ar-len)

I want to visit the Museum “Ich möchte das Museum besuchen” (ick murc-tuh das Museum bez-u-chen)

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Put your language skills to the test on our European trips.



Useful phrases RS7211_BONUS_SHOT_04_LISBON_HIGH_VIEW-0077-scr REDIT TrafalgarHello Ola” (oh-lah)

Goodbye “Adeus” (a-day-ush) 

Please “Por favour” (pour fav-ore)

Thank you Obrigado” (ob-rig-ah-doe) said only by males Obrigada” (ob-rig-ah-da) said only by females

Do you speak English? “Fala inglês?” (fa-la In-glaze?)

How much does this cost? “Quanto custa isto?” (kwan-toe koesj-tah isj-toe)

Where can I find the best seafood in Lisbon? Onde posso encontrar os melhores frutos do mar em Lisboa?” (Onday posso en-con-trar o mel-hor-ez frue-toss do mar em Liz-boa)

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