Jetting off somewhere new is the ultimate adventure, but it’s also rewarding to return to places you’ve been before. Maybe it’s to relive a ‘special life moment’; or perhaps to watch your favourite spot change through the seasons – either way, fire up your wanderlust a second time and discover why some destinations warrant a repeat trip.

Discover more (than you did before)

Revisiting a destination lets you journey deeper into its heart. You fell head over heels for Rome the first time, so why not go back? After ticking off the Colosseum and the Vatican, spend time exploring lesser-known sides of the Eternal City by taking a stroll up Palatine Hill or learning how to cook authentic Italian pasta at a cooking class. You can never see everything the first time around so it’s always worth returning to discover more.

Revisit a Destination Young woman with digital camera, Rome, ItalyWhat’s new?

That historic Spanish palace you visited 20 years ago? It’s now been lovingly restored to its former glory. Places change with time, and it’s fascinating to find out how your favourite cities and towns have evolved over the years. Witnessing cultural and architectural developments are just one reason choosing to revisit a destination is the best travel decision you’ll make this year.

Get nostalgic

It may have been where your other half proposed. Or where you shared that unforgettable sunset dinner in Mykonos. Maybe it was seeing a herd of bison race across Yellowstone National Park. The places we visit touch our soul in unforgettable ways, so why not give in and satisfy your nostalgia? Returning to a place where you experienced a magical moment will not only let you relive it, but also allow you to create new special memories.

Revisit a Destination A romantic toast by the sea in Greece.Feel at home

You’ve been here before, so you’re well-versed in the nuances of your favourite destination and can visit with confidence. Whether it’s negotiating the back-alleys of Seville or strolling along Sydney Harbour waterfront, explore until your heart’s content, armed with knowledge from your previous visit. Remember: the more time you spend somewhere, the less of a tourist you are.

Seasons change

Seen Japan’s maple trees in autumn? Go back in spring, when powder-pink cherry blossoms fill the air. Experienced St Petersburg’s midsummer White Nights? Return in winter to find a snow-kissed winter wonderland. The changing of the seasons can transform a destination into another place entirely, and if you visit during one season, you’re missing out on another.

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