Forget gas station flowers and bargain bin chocolates. Whether you’re head over heels for Hungary or you’re falling madly for Morocco, there’s no love quite like the love of travel.

Be wooed by the wonders of the world this Valentine’s Day and discover just why a Trafalgar group tour to these hotspots is far more satisfying than the sweet stuff.

Tuscany, Italy

Throw yourself into a world of Vespas, two-cheek kisses and coffee so good you’ll swoon. Tuscany has it all, including some of the world’s best cuisine. Join our friend Chef Libero as you shop for local produce at a local farmer’s market, before returning to his villa to learn the secrets of Italian cooking.

FALL IN LOVE ON: Rome And Tuscan Highlights

Seville, Spain

What better way to ignite your passion than with a trip to the country famous for fiery flamenco? Sip sangria by day and dance to the beat of your own drum at night as you experience a traditional Andalusian flamenco show in the heart of Seville.

FALL IN LOVE ON: Spanish Wonder

Nashville, USA

They say music is what feelings sound like, so why not share the love with your fellow Trafalgar guests in Nashville – the home of country music. Join us for a little honky-tonk as you get the chance to meet a member of Johnny Cash’s family and savour some good ol’ southern hospitality.

FALL IN LOVE ON: Tastes And Sounds Of The South

Paris, France

There’s no wonder The City of Light is synonymous with romance. Pair pain au chocolat with a twirl around the Eiffel Tower and a heavenly stroll along the Seine, and you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped right out of a romantic comedy. Paris, be our Valentine?

FALL IN LOVE ON: Wonderful France

Cusco, South America

Traveling solo on V-Day? No prob-llama. Okay, we know that joke was cheesy but we had to make mention of the lovable, furry characters you’ll find in Cusco, South America. A stop at Awanakancha will give you the chance to cuddle up to llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, which is guaranteed to elicit the warm and fuzzies in everyone.

FALL IN LOVE ON: Highlights Of Peru

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