Guided travel opens up a world of discovery without you having to worry about a thing. It’s entirely stress-free, meaning more time to soak up your exciting surroundings and make magical memories. What’s not to love? If you’re considering a guided trip, here are seven reasons why guided travel is your ticket to the good life.

Make new, lifelong friends

Benefits of Guided Travel make-new-friendsGuided trips are social affairs; you’re guaranteed to meet new people who share your passion for discovering new places. You’ll quickly find those fellow like-minded travellers you share dinner and free time with, will soon become  lifelong friends.

Gain insider knowledge

Benefits of Guided Travel gain-insider-knowledgeThere’ll be no wandering around, nose in guidebook, scratching your head looking for the Florence Duomo on a guided trip. From your Travel Director to the cultural ambassadors you’ll meet along the way, you’ll have expert insider knowledge at your fingertips so you can gain a deeper understanding of historical sites, lesser-known sites and all round cultural quirks.

Don’t worry about a thing

Benefits of Guided Travel don't-worry-about-a-thingThink of Travel Directors as your own personal concierge, local expert and guide all rolled into one. Drivers will shuttle you from destination to destination in comfort and style so there’ll be no worrying about pesky local rules of the road. Kick back, relax and immerse yourself in your surroundings.

Get to know the locals

Benefits of Guided Travel get-to-know-the-locals-(2)On guided trips, you’re introduced to locals who can show you an authentic slice of your destination. On our Be My Guest experiences, you won’t just meet locals; you’ll dine with them in their own homes. What could be better than tasting delicious, home-cooked regional cuisine, whilst hearing their stories and getting to know the local way of life?

VIP access

Benefits of Guided Travel VIP-accessSave time and skip the line at popular museums and sights. We let you jump in front of the velvet rope and often experience things many other travellers won’t access. On our Rome trips, you can have just that: imagine having the Vatican all to yourself and dining there after everyone else has left!

Sleep in style

Benefits of Guided Travel sleep-in-styleWhy stay in the same hotel when you can experience a wealth of unique and interesting different properties along the course of your trip? Guided travel ensures you only stay in tried and trusted places, whilst experiencing the warm hospitality of locals.

Travel in comfort and safety

Benefits of Guided Travel travel-in-comfortLet’s face it, having your own chauffeur driving you about in a comfy, air-conditioned coach is pretty neat, and there’s no braving public transport or unknown travel methods. On a guided tour, there’s always someone to solve any problem, be it big or small.

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