Our bodies may be physically back on home soil, but mentally, we’re still thousands of miles away on that extraordinary vacation. Whether we’re desperately clinging on to those precious holiday moments or just can’t reacclimatise, here are eight things we all do after returning home from a Trafalgar trip.

1) Wear shorts, whatever the weather

Sure, it may be 30 degrees colder but that doesn’t stop us wearing that holiday wardrobe. We may be chilly, but at least we get to show off our tan.

2) Accidentally speak the lingo

No, we don’t need to ‘por favor’ the waiter in our local café, or ‘Boun giorno’ our postman, co-workers, bus driver and the lady at the bank.Funny things you do MM_2_1080x1080

3) Palm off last minute Duty-Free

Those last-minute Duty-Free purchases we made to use up our currency suddenly become the perfect gifts for family and friends. Cheap bottle of wine? A fine vintage from one of Italy’s most exclusive wineries. Strange bag of random sweets? Handcrafted artisanal confectionary. They’ll never know….Funny things you do MM_3_1080x1080

4) Become a master chef

If travelling does one thing it’s inspiring creativity in the kitchen. Suddenly we’re whipping up international dishes like there’s no tomorrow. Whether or not we can create sushi quite as well as that Kyoto chef doesn’t matter. We’re having fun.Funny things you do MM_4_1080x1080

5) Fib about your return date by an extra day

There’s nothing like buying ourselves a bonus day of post-vacation R&R before reality kicks in and it’s back to the daily grind. It’s just one of the things we all do.Funny things you do MM_5_1080x1080

6) Let the social media commence!

We’ve been on the trip of a lifetime, so we may as well show it off on our socials. On Facebook. And Instagram. And Twitter. Until Christmas…or people start unfriending us.Funny things you do MM_6_1080x1080

7) Forget what socks are

Remember those tubes of fabric we stretch over our feet and toes before inserting them into shoes? No? Well, after living in flip-flops, sandals and espadrilles, it’s no wonder socks still seem like an alien concept.Funny things you do MM_7_1080x10808) Beat the post-trip blues 

The bursting inbox back at work; the sudden temperature change; missing the new friends we made while we were away…those pesky post-vacation blues are all too-familiar. The cure? We find the best way to keep our memories alive is to make some more by booking our next Trafalgar break! Click here to dive into a world of travel possibilities.Funny things you do MM_8_1080x1080


Main image © iStock/yulkapopkova.

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