Choosing the right suitcase can help you avoid airline baggage fees and other travel woes. However, the options are endless, from hard or soft leather, canvas, wheels, no-wheels, handles and locks to tech-savvy gadgets like GPS and, fingerprint ID-locks. Here are six pieces of revolutionary luggage that might just change our travel experiences for the better.

The Rimowa

Revolutionary Luggage

Few people have ever enjoyed a stress-free time staring at the luggage carousel, praying for the swift delivery of their bag. For Rimowa-owners, however, this may be a thing of the past. Fixed with an electronic tag that emits a signal 24/7, customers can now travel in peace, safe in the knowledge that their luggage is also sharing their journey.

The Bluesmart

Revolutionary Luggage

Ever wondered why your luggage can’t simply do more than hold things? Perhaps that’s what the boffins at Bluesmart pondered too when they came up with their latest holdall. Kitted-out with a charging port, Bluetooth tracking technology and an internal scale (to help tell you how much your bag weighs), it’s much smarter than the average wheelie.

The Trunkster

Revolutionary Luggage

Like Bluesmart’s bag, the Trunkster contains built-in scales, batteries recharging USB devices and GPS tracking. Its secret weapon is no zips. Forget wrestling with the little metal things (or even breaking them), and instead use the Trunkster’s innovative sliding doors, which enable super-easy access.

The Away

Revolutionary Luggage

Whether it’s squeezing socks into shoes or piling on layers of T-Shirts, few people have not wished for something that shrank the whole lot like a wand. The Away promises to banish your overpacking problems for good thanks to its marvellous state-of-the-art compressor. Always stay connected using the built-in battery that can charge any USB device.

The Space Case

Revolutionary Luggage

Possessing all the bells and whistles of its high-tech competition, the Space Case distinguishes itself by being indestructible. Made from an ultralight polycarbonate, its outer shell can withstand exposure to radiation, as well as otherworldly temperatures. Designed to be waterproof (even around the zipper area), too, the Space Case is the Bruce Willis of the suitcase world.

If you like the sound of these next-generation pieces of luggage, why not try one out on a Trafalgar trip. Click here to find out more.

Images Courtesy of Away, BlueSmart, Planet Traveller & Rimowa. Old Suitcases © iStock/SergeKa.

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