Whether busy at work, visiting family, going out with friends or simply working our way through to-do lists, so much of life makes big demands on our time, often taking us away from loved-ones. This Valentine’s Day, why not make quality time your top priority and whisk your partner away on an amorous retreat? Here are seven of our most romantic experiences to indulge in with that special someone.

Walk Along the Seine, Paris

Romantic Experiences

Feast on duck rillettes, lapin à la bourguignonne or pineapple tatin at one of Paris’ riverside restaurants, before taking a romantic stroll along the River Seine on the Paris Explorer trip. Here, starry-eyed lovers encounter the sort of gardens, palaces, parks and enchanting bookshops that provide innumerable chances to enjoy a magical moment together.

Relish Mozart or Dance to Strauss, Vienna

Romantic Experiences

The international capital of classical music, Vienna has a habit of conjuring the perfect atmosphere for amorous couples on the Prague, Vienna & Budapest tour. Whether visitors waltz to the famous Blue Danube or share an intimate moment while listening to a Mozart ensemble, the gilded chambers of Vienna can add a flicker of fairy-tale magic to any relationship.

Take a Plunge in a Submarine, Honolulu

Romantic Experiences

Take your love to new depths – literally – by plunging below the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean in a submarine on the Hawaii Four Island adventure. Normally the sort of vista only divers get to see, the love-smitten can gaze at the green turtles, sharks, stingrays, eels and fish from the comfort of their cabin.

Visit Juliet’s Balcony, Verona

Romantic Experiences

From young lovers to couples that have been married for many years, people line up to touch Verona’s Juliet statue to garner good luck for their relationship. Take the other by the hand on the Best of Italy trip and, like the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, promise to treasure one another forever.

Bathe in the Colours of a Taj Mahal Dawn, Delhi

Romantic Experiences

Make an early start and visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise on the Leisurely Rajasthan trip. While it may be considered a little formulaic would-be savants are silenced when its marble mimics the sky and explodes into a hundred shades of rose and gold. Built in memory of a much-beloved queen, it’s the perfect place to make new memories.

Explore Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Romantic Experiences

Sometimes all one needs to rekindle the romance is a slice of adventure. Which is something UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya, possesses in spades. Climb to the top of Lion Rock for tree-topped horizons, go halfway to the Lion’s Paw, or stroll around the gardens at the base and admire the scenery. Whichever you choose, its intimacy is undeniable, which is why it’s included on the Wonders of Sri Lanka trip.

Glide Through Venice, Italy

Romantic Experiences

Book a spot on the Grand Italian Experience and glide through the waters of Venice’s lagoon before stopping off for drinks on the fisherman’s island of Burano. Famous for its multi-coloured houses, it’s the perfect place to enjoy one another’s company and rediscover the light-hearted side to life. All against this most arresting of backdrops.

#MakeTimeForYourValentine this Valentine’s day by whisking a loved one off to one of our favourite romantic holiday destinations.

Image Credits: Pont Alexandre III © iStock/matthewleedixon. Johann Strauss Stadtpark © iStock/Rrrainbow. Hawaii Reef Fish © iStock/YinYang. Juliet in Verona © iStock/alxpin. Taj Mahal © iStock/narvikk. Lion’s Rock © iStock/alxpin. Colourful Houses © iStock/StevanZZ.

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