With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year around the corner, there’s no doubt that budget will be one of the primary considerations for many people planning their next getaway. Thankfully, many of Europe’s most culturally rich and deeply historic cities can be explored without spending large sums. We take a look at the best places to travel on a budget on a trip in Europe.

Warsaw, Poland

Travel on a Budget

Poland’s capital has long been known as one of Europe’s top cities for budget travel. But this is far from being Warsaw’s only appeal. The city’s fascinating diversity of architecture encompasses Gothic and neoclassical origin, as well as buildings from the Soviet era and modern day. This eclectic cityscape is the backdrop for a vibrant market square, and many fantastic restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as points of interest that reflect Polish culture, history, music and arts. 

Sofia, Bulgaria 

Travel on a Budget

Previously named Europe’s most affordable city for travellers, Sofia is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel on a budget. Sofia combines historic architecture, plenty of green space and a mountainous backdrop with a lively arts scene ranging from the theatres to the city’s jazz scene, which all reflects Sofia’s distinct identity. 

Zagreb, Croatia 

Travel on a Budget

Exhibiting unique 18th and 19th century Austro-Hungarian architecture, Zagreb is another city people are often surprised by. In the Upper Town, visitors can step inside historic sites such as Zagreb Cathedral and enjoy coffee and cake in the local cafes, while in the Lower Town they have the opportunity to explore the city’s museums and parks, browse the shops and delve into the vibrant arts and music scene. 

Tallinn, Estonia 

Travel on a Budget

With its romantic Old Town in particular proving to be of great appeal, Tallinn is relentlessly enticing to travellers. Here, visitors can stroll along cobbled alleys, look up at the centuries-old spires, and visit the city’s museums – without having to dig deep into their pockets ­– before tucking into some hearty fare in one of the authentic local restaurants (stray from the tourist spots to avoid hiked-up prices). 

Athens, Greece 

Travel on a Budget

One of the continent’s most exciting ancient cities, Athens is also a popular destination among budget travellers. Combining the majesty of ancient ruins such as the Acropolis, with an ever-evolving contemporary arts scene, lively nightlife, and the undeniable draw of Greek cuisine, there’s plenty to enjoy in Athens without splashing the cash. 

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Travel on a Budget

Idyllic Ljubljana offers the fascinating history of sites such as its 12th century castle, sprawling greenery, and an abundance of museums and galleries, all against a backdrop of picturesque architecture surrounding the Ljubljanica River, and the surrounding mountains. What’s more, all of this can be enjoyed an a limited budget.

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