Giving families across each generation time to bond, it’s no wonder multi-generational travel has become increasingly popular over the years. With Grandparents Day coming around again on 11th September 2016, we take a look at the rising popularity of multi-generational travel, and how these family trips can provide lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Multi-generational Travel

It’s so often the case that weeks can pass without the family as a whole gathering in the same place. Different work and study schedules, and travel time between family members’ homes, means it can sometimes be difficult to arrange time out in each other’s company. This is where these family trips come in, enabling all of the generations to spend quality time together.

With the slower pace of a vacation comes time to simply enjoy being in each other’s company, with the opportunity to create new memories, too. After seeing the sunset over Uluru, hearing the chime of bells in Japan’s temples and shrines, or tasting a delicious plate of Italian food you cooked under the guidance of a local chef, these moments become the stories that are recalled for years to come.

Multi-generational Travel

Travel is often lauded for the positive influence it can have on children, but this is in fact true for any age. What’s more, the different qualities that each member of the family brings to the group are accentuated on a journey. The natural curiosity in children shines brighter than ever, and adults benefit from this, through gaining a greater appreciation for the extraordinary place they’re in and the experiences they encounter.

To make multi-generational travel truly work, a number of considerations need to be taken into account. With each generation comes a different set of requirements and needs; while some family members may want to get active in the great outdoors, others might prefer to spend time on a cultural excursion. With this in mind, the key to fulfilling everyone’s desires is to select a destination that caters to all of these interests. While giving each person the activities and excursions they want, these trips also provide the opportunity to try something new.

Multi-generational Travel

Following on from this, there are the practical needs to consider. And this is one of the many advantages of a guided tour; getting around becomes easier when comfortable transport is included in the journey, and when hotels are booked with the family’s specific considerations in mind.

With such ease of travel and a diversity of experiences to discover, perhaps the greatest challenge in organising the big trip is in choosing the destination. Whether combining ancient culture with futuristic cities in Japan, pairing natural wonders with island life in Hawaii, or discovering the castles and coastline of Ireland, you can be sure there’ll be something for each and every generation to enjoy.

Multi-generational Travel

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