Travel writer Susan Heller said: “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” But there are some things our team here at Trafalgar just wouldn’t leave out of their suitcase.

For Photographers

The XShot Pro launched last December for sports enthusiasts and action heroes wanting photos of their antics. But if you’re a more sedate traveller, try their Pocket XShot Camera Extends instead. This nifty and compact gadget lets you effortlessly take photos of yourself in front of all those iconic sights.

Photo by Miguel Garcia under Creative Commons Licence

Photo by Miguel Garcia under Creative Commons Licence 

For the light packer

Up against many competitors, the Stuffa Jacket, with its 12 pockets, has been brought out to combat the issue of small hand baggage allowance on flights and it’s arguably the most stylish option. Although it only carries 5kg (compared to some competitors which pack in 10kg), you could wear it without embarrassment.

For wine lovers

When you’re travelling to a wine region, trying some of the local tipple is almost obligatory and many Trafalgar trips include wine tasting (or even wine blending). But what if you find one you love? The inflatable Vinnibag protects bottles in your suitcase – perfect now you can’t take liquids in hand luggage.

For the multi-tasker

We’ve all seen travellers, arms outstretched with a sleek tablet perfectly framing some iconic sight. The eternal favourite, iPads come in a range of styles, but the iPad Air is the ideal travel companion, only weighing a pound and with a 9.7 inch retina display letting you view your photos in crystal clarity.,

Photo by m01229 under Creative Commons Licence

Photo by m01229 under Creative Commons Licence

For the forgetful

the app-enabled Kensington Proximo Key Fob Bluetooth Tracker lets you tag up to five valuables, like your iPhone, keys and bags, and sets off an alarm if you move too far from them. Perfect if you’re prone to leaving things at bars or in hotel rooms.

For the stylish

Substance and style don’t always go hand-in-hand, but the Knomo range of bags, tablet sleeves and mobile cases are both chic and practical. Each contains a unique tracking code and a list of international telephone numbers. Just register your details on their site and, if someone find your bag, Knomo will return it to you.

Photo by Heather of

Photo by Heather of

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