Our Travel Directors are experts in their destination. So they’re always able to point you in the direction of excellent local dining. To put our money where our mouth is, we’ve asked Travel Directors working in very different regions to recommend some of their favourites.


Peter Ray recommends Red Fish Blue Fish which is not your run of the mill fish and chip shop. Located in the beautiful Victoria inner harbour in an old shipping container, this place has taken fish and chips to a new level.  Modern flourishes blended with traditional methods. The halibut and chips is a favourite as are the tempura cod tacones. The spotted shrimp mayo is to die for. Loved by locals and a tourist fave, there is always a queue but it is worth the wait.

tempura cod tacones

Photo by Alyson Hurt under Creative Commons Licence


Jason Cohen loves their amazing burgers and chicken sandwiches. He also loves their special dishes like frilled ahi tuna burgers and garlic fries. They began in Napa Valley, so it’s probably the only burger joint to have a wine list. Its food is of a much higher quality than a typical burger place. It’s very convenient for Trafalgar guests as it’s only one block from one of our regular San Francisco hotels; in the historic Ferry building, which we visit on most of our trips to San Francisco.


Photo by Jun Seita under Creative Commons Licence


This is one of TD Gary White’s favourite places to go to. Hattie B’s offers a good variety of specialty dishes and is consistently ranked as one of the most flavourful ‘hot chicken’ restaurants in the city. Nashville is the birthplace of this spicy poultry dish and the restaurant’s service is generally efficient and friendly. The pimiento mac and cheese is worth the trip alone.

hot chicken at Hattie B's

Photo by the Blonde Mule under Creative Commons Licence


If you fancy something sweet after wandering around the boutiques, restaurants and museums of the Marais, TD Rob Early recommends Boulangerie Murciano. The window displays of this kosher bakery are a feast for the eyes, the pastries and breads displayed will be hard on your waistlines, but your taste buds will explode with sumptuous, sugary wetness. You will be transported back to Mittel Europa with the amazing apple and poppy seed strudels, their fluffy challah bread and the half-moon cookies. Their more traditional French boulangerie offerings are every bit as good as in any other Paris bakery. Though at Murciano, you’ll be served by women in authentic, traditional dress.

challah bread

Photo by Rebecca Siegel under Creative Commons Licence


The speciality of the house is a typical Madrid stew called cocido
madrileño which this restaurant makes wonderfully. TD Javier Galvez recommends this place because they cook the cocido the same way his mother used to do it: slowly. Cocido is more of a winter dish as it’s quite substantial and filling. The main ingredients are chickpeas or garbanzo beans, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and turnips. The meats used are pork, chorizo, onion morcilla, cured or Serrano ham, beef shank or chicken.


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