Travel Director: Javier Galvez
Regions: Spain, Portugal and Morocco

Javier Galvez Travel DirectorTrafalgar’s Travel Directors play a key role in providing each of our guests with a truly memorable experience. From the moment your Trafalgar journey begins, our Travel Directors share their local knowledge and provide a personalized, one-of-a-kind insider’s view of each destination. They are experienced travelers, learned historians and culture buffs whose job is to help you become immersed in the places you visit.

This week, Travel Director Javier Galvez took a few minutes to talk to the Trafalgar Blog to share some of his experiences and give some insight to why he loves what he does.

Tell us a bit about yourself Javier!
I studied to become a journalist at Madrid University and since I always loved travelling, I also took courses in different European languages: German, Italian, French, and English.  I started travelling when I was 17 and my father sent me to London to learn English. From there, I decided to travel a bit before coming back to Madrid and hitchhiked from London to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva and back to Madrid. It was so much fun and quite safe in the seventies to hitchhike so I didn’t have any problem and met a lot of people.

What is the best part of your job?
I think it is the chance to meet so many different people and for a week or two live with them and share what I know about the countries we are visiting.

Trafalgar Group

What’s your best Hidden Treasure?
I have lots of Hidden Treasures to show and depending on the itinerary and the available time, I pick one or the other. I like the Cathedral, being made by one single man, in Mejorada del Campo in the outskirts of Madrid.

Cathedral in Mejorada del Campo

Cathedral in Mejorada del Campo

What is your favorite place to take guests?
Definitely Morocco! Just 15km away from Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar and a totally different culture, cooking, and traditions. I feel people are very lucky to visit this country before Starbucks arrives so to speak! McDonalds and KFC are already there! What I mean is that so far Morocco has been successful in preserving handicraft and traditions and the Medina of Fes is an example of that…

What is your most memorable ‘on the road’ moment?
A couple of years ago, one of my guests from Canada came down to dinner with 30 Trafalgar name tags! After asking him, he told the whole group those were from his previous 30 Trafalgar guided trips. I let Trafalgar office know and Gavin Tollman (Trafalgar CEO) called my mobile to chat with him – I thought that was great!

memorable moment

What vacation photo would you recommend our guests have to take?
In the trips in Spain I recommend the view of Toledo from the nearby hills.

Toledo, Spain

Your staple travel items?
Nowadays a good phone or camera with wifi, so that we can upload pictures or google for info or mail etc. And a plug converter that will make sure you have charged batteries!

Staple Travel Item

What is your tip for feeling like a local when travelling?
Learn basic words in the language of the country: Please, thank you etc. Also know about Do’s and Don’ts. That is part of my role as Travel Director.

Local Tips

A favourite local saying you need to know is:
“A quien madruga, Dios le ayuda”: God helps the early risers…

What is your favourite food within your region?



Must buy souvenir?
Saffron in Spain or Morocco, Argan oil in Morocco and something made of cork in Portugal.

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My guests wanting to enjoy our trip together.

Trafalgar Group Having Fun

What is your best travel tip?
Accept the culture of the country you are visiting and try to understand why people love to live that way. You are there only for a few days but if you are able to learn from the local culture, you will take with you a wealth of knowledge of how to enjoy your own life even more.


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  1. Colleen Plumle

    We traveled with Javier several years ago and he was a great guide! We often talk about him and the good time we had in Spain, Morocco and Portugal. He was very personable and he knows his countries.

    John and Colleen Plumley
    Woodstock, GA USA

  2. Evy Dimopoulou

    we travel with Javier on spain and portugal, he is the best tour director i ever have !!!!!! great fan !!!!! in 2000, Evy, from sydney, love u javier xxx we give him a surprise birthday party in portugal !!!!!!!

  3. Neale Schofield

    He is the best guide on the planet! And we have been with quite a few…

  4. fiencourtens

    Nice to read about Javier’s experiences! I am planning on taking a tour director’s course in San Francisco at ITMI, so reading this, makes me more confident about becoming a tour director! Thx!!

  5. Jennifer Dawson

    Javier was one of the best tour guides I have ever had the pleasure to tour with. He was informative, entertaining, punctual and always willing to go that extra mile for his group. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I highly doubt it would of been as much fun without him. Thanks Javier I hope I have the privilege of travelling with you again.

  6. Ma Josefina Paguirigan-Kayaban

    I will never forget Javier. He was my Tour Director when l travelled to Spain, Morocco & Portugal in 2005! I was travelling alone from Manila after attending a Medical Conference in Lyon, France and he truly made me feel we were all important to him. He was jovial and knowledgeable about his craft. He was key to getting all of us quite close to each other as a group even though we came from different corners of the globe.


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